Magical Monochrome

There really is something about the simple paring of black and white in all aspects of design that is timeless.
They are the perfect example of two different elements that fit seamlessly together to become one.
The use of black and white tiles undoubtedly gives a fresh, clean, sophisticated, and elegant look to any room.
Black and white tiles are adaptable to any decorating style, whether it be a classical setting such as a black and white floor checkered flooring , to a contemporary design featuring a combination of black and white on the walls and floors.
For us it's clear, Black and white is here to stay and we would love to show you some of our favourite examples of this magical duo.

Classical Styles

Going back as far as the Romans, we have the checkered floor which really has stood the test of time, whether it be a classical paring of black and white marble as in our Florence Marble Collection to our ever popular Chess Black and White Patchwork series which replicates the checkered design that was favoured in Victorian times.

Here we have a recent renovation, check out hornsby style for an amazing example of how she made use of our Florence checkered marble tiles

Patterned Tiles

Well as I'm sure you guys are aware we have a vast selection of patterned tiles in both coloured and black and white options, and I will leave it to you to go through our full list of options on our website.
However I will point out a few of our and customer favourites incase you are looking for some inspiration.
Our Agadir Black has been a firm favourite since the day we introduced this stunning patterned tile into our tile family.
It creates a real focal point whether it is used on walls or floors and being anti slip it is perfect for bathroom floors, wetrooms to outdoor patios and decking areas. Our Dorset Black and Fulham Black tiles are a pair of tiles that pay homage to the Victorian era and again showcase how great design is timeless.
Other striking black and white patterns are from our new collections including AztecaJilani Pradena Star and Polaris Collections

Metro Tiles

Time and time again the humble Metro tile makes an appearance and it's no coincidence that so many beautiful bathrooms incorporate some sort of Metro / Subway tile as part of their design. Available in a whole of spectrum of colours, the Metro is not going anywhere for design enthusiasts, but for us here, we all agree that the white metro is definitely proof of less is more.
Whether you go for a bevelled or flat finish, a gloss or matt, there is a huge choice to suit every taste.
Our three main Metro collections are our London Bevelled collection, New York flat collection and new for 2020 is our exclusive Brooklyn collection.

Below are a few of our favourite  renovation projects from some of our favourite accounts on Instagram

1) Carla created a perfect bathroom using our Belgravia Black and white patterned tile with New York Flat White metros. Follow her complete renovation on Instagram. Her account is @Houseofbeau13
2) Another Instagram account we love is @elle_the_home_bird who used our Chess Black and White Patchwork with Haven borders and paired it with simple New York White Flat Metros.


From the country farmhouse to sleek, modern designs, this collection of gorgeous black and white kitchens is sure to inspire your own cooking space.
Eva Quatemans country style kitchen is given a beautiful checkered floor to create visual interest.



You don't have to restrict this combination to the indoors, gardens, pathways also provide ample opportunity for those wanting a monochrom etheme.
One perfect example is the garden renovation by the fabulous Susie @bananashed who used our Agadir tiles to create the most amazing feature wall in the garden that looks amazing all year round. She even had help from her daughter who made a matching table.
We've provided tiles for many outdoor paths and patios and two of our favourite examples can be seen below
A fabulous entrance to her home was created by @bangaveragemum using our Fulham Black tiles with Haven borders
Emma @embo1970 created a fabulous patio with our Dorset Black and Haven borders

We could go on literally forever with further examples, but we are sure you get the point..Monochrome is Magical!